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We have suspended mail and online ordering of our products at this time, so we can focus on other aspects of our business. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We have enjoyed providing you with our all-natural fruit spreads, and have greatly appreciated your business and loyalty these many years. We wish you the most wonderful and meaningful of holiday seasons and look forward to serving you through other venues in the future.

David and Brenda Jones, Fieldstone Farms.

Have you ever wondered........

.....What a gentle spring rain or a lazy summer afternoon might taste like? How about a crisp autumn dawn, ablaze with color, or the solace of a chilly winter’s eve? At Fieldstone Farms, we know.

It tastes a lot like integrity and honesty.

When we promise you a FRUIT SPREAD, that is exactly what we deliver - REAL, TRUE FRUIT! We don't bulk up our batches with huge amounts of cheap sugar, apple sauce, gelatin and water, or use more juice than fruit. And we never sweeten our products with corn or high fructose syrups, juice concentrates (high in hidden sugars) or artificial sweeteners. No, we deliver TRUE FRUIT, pectin, and just enough pure cane sugar to make it delicious - natural and honest as Maine's four seasons.

Fieldstone Farms Gourmet Fruit Spreads are made in small batches. Why is that important? Quality – Plain and simple. We are able to visually inspect every berry and piece of fruit, removing over and under-ripened produce, as well as, hulls, unwanted seeds, stems, sticks, stones and stuff you would never want to eat! All berries are hand-mashed – not mutilated – to yield a texture that is naturally pleasing. And finally, small batches allow us the flexibility to make on-going process adjustments to ensure that every jar of Fieldstone Farms Fruit Spread meets or exceeds our high standards.

We don’t cut costs or corners. We simply do what it takes to make the Very Best, All Natural, Low-Sugar Fruit Spread available.

We could make a cheaper, easier product, and it might even taste.......well, okay. But then we would always wonder. And so would you.

Sometimes when you wonder, its just nice to know.


If you have enjoyed our Fieldstone Farms products or your trip to our front porch in Glenfield, please share our website address with a friend.  The next time that you come home for a visit, we would love it if you would bring a guest.  We look forward to your return.


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